Mary Ocher - The Android Sea



Latest single taken from the album "Eden"
Dir. Craig Mc Guigan



Take a dive into the carnival colored world that is the

latest Single from Mary Ocher. Hold your breath as you

swim deep into the piano sounds that can sweep you

from the shore to the Android sea.















Mary Ocher - Baby Indiana


Mary Ocher, King Khan, Jessie Evans and the gang

in an off-kilter horror adventure.

The monster baby is born in the flames of its

possessed creator... and the celebrations begin!


With an all-star cast:
King Khan, Jessie Evans, Steev Lemercier, Polina Y

and Nadja Sayej.



ORANGE 'EAR videoproduction

Camera | director - Frank Nagel
Edit - Frank Nagel / Mary Ocher
Concept - Mary Ocher
Camera assistant | setfotos - Frank Schnelle
Green screen shooting at MiddleEastMambo - Berlin
Analog effects - Valentina Ciarapica
special thanks for digital support to Robin Lochmann





Mary Ocher - No lesson learned





Medieval art: The internet.
Additional art: Tom Plate.
Animation by Mary Ocher.


special huge thanks to Carrie Gates for the After

Effects extra touch!














Mary Ocher - Thunderbird/Eden (parts III-IV) 



A Korg Symphony in 4 parts.
(parts III-IV).




Video fragments - archive material from the 30's,

50's and later free of copyrights.












Mary Ocher - Thunderbird/Eden (Part I)


16mm camera: D.O.
Edit: M.O.























Mary Ocher - My town



Huge thanks to Tom!


















Mary Ocher - Sweet charity




Video by Steffy Pop,
Camera + edit by Jazmin Garcia
Bra by Ann Delic















Mary Ocher - The road




Video by Hypertrashawonderland /

aka Marcus Grysczok.













Mary Ocher - Heartman




Shot at Hamburg's Reeperbahn.