On the streets of hard labor
Ex-soviet shrines
All the women are weeping

You can ask them what’s happened
They’ll sooth your ears with more lies
All the women are weeping
But there’s hope in their eyes

Charlie Lee, oh Charlie Lee
You can sit down on your throne
Any time you want
Any ti
me at all
While they spit down on
The likes of me,
Oh Charlie Lee, Charlie Lee.
Charlie Lee,You can sit down
Any time you want

I, Human

     Oh, the blankness of a table lamp
And the dull books on the shelf
Make you angry and you
Wish something would change
Before this world spins into an end
What's the difference between a whiteness of A ceiling
and a whiteness of a grave?

I will never dye my hair red
And light a cigarette,
You, you, human

The chorus will say
you'll be alright,
doll, you've got talent
everybody in this city
wants it,
but sadly very few have got
so they make up for it,
with good manners.
Wit and charm.