Mary Ocher + Your Government - Man VS Air
Man VS Air

Camera + edit - Robin Thomson
Art + direction - Tom Plate

Thanks to Hadas Hinkis, Gil Kremmer, Christa D'Angelo,
Candice Gordon, Camille Dereux, Taos the dog and
Glen McGuigan (even though we could not shoot the
wind + sun scene, but we ended up using certain symbols

Special thanks to Frank (as usual! thanks for saving the day!)










Mary Ocher + Your Government - Dream X3


Concept: Mary + Tom

DOP: Frank Nagel

Editing, post production: Alberto Franco

The Creature / sculpture: Moran Sanderovich -













Mary Ocher + Your Government - A new language


Directed and edited by Laura Cherrygrove

Make-up and costumes by Yeorg Kronnagel

Assistance to Mr. Kronnagel by Thea Bauer Adora

On-set photography by Navina Hausmann

Mary Ocher + Your Government - In Drag

A video to mark the second pressing of the
"Mary Ocher + Your Government" s/t record. 

Gender though the eyes of secretaries, seamstresses,
nurses and housewives, to classrooms filled with woe-filled
tales of hyper masculinity and femininity, to military, uniform
and mass resignation.

Dedicated to all LGBTQ activists under oppressive regimes.