NEWS, Hamburg exhibition + Sean Lennon curated soundtrack


Hullo dearies! Spex has been very supportive and made another article + video (interview/live) >>

On March 4th there will be both the exhibition opening of Big Girls, feat. yours truly, curated by Polish bad girl prof. Mariola Brilowska. RSVP.

and the launch of Ava's possessions' soundtrack, with my b-side ''Lullaby for a murderer" by Sean Lennon for his label Chimera Music. get the limited edition LP here

Breaking news! (NEW ALBUM)


Making another album very soon for Klangbad, this time with Hans Joachim Irmler himself in the Faust studios.


Across Red Lines + album teaser



Dedicated to all the women, men and children that made the ultimate sacrifice of risking their lives in hope for a better future.

The album will be out in March, but here's a little teaser!!

A New Language video (+bonus)


(+live collaboration for our tour together back then with Hans Unstern got a video too >>)

Album teaser


By Ludwig Reuter >>

New Your Government video + single: Dream X3


Happy Holidays! Get the single HERE.
(including a fab remix by The Basic Income Earth Network).

BY NATURE - video!

It is the first song from part I of the double anthology of home recordings - which you can find here (stream/download).

Directorial updates:
Love Starvatioon Economy (doc series) / Jules Valeron video / Scenes From a Tour


Hello dearies! it's been a while. 
I've been documenting conversations about modern/experimental relationships for a while and these finally turned into a series of 8 episodes titled ''Love Starvation Economy''. check out the LSE page.

I've also had the pleasure to make a video for this spectacular song ''Vox3'' for Mr. Jules Valeron. check it out->

And little summaries of bitter-sweet touring in the form of a short film and photos on tumblr.


New album update



January 7 2016 Mary Ocher + Your Government is out on Klangbad in LP/CD/digital form.

The release show will be held at Berlin's Roter Salon on January 10th and the new video / single will be out December 25th, giving you just enough time to recover from the holiday feast. 

(photo by Elena Panouli and Luci Lux, design by Olivier Kowald)

HELLO NORTH AMERICA - See you again in September!


-> DATES (midwest/Canada/e coast): RSVP HERE.

OUT TODAY: Double Anthology of home recordings 2006-2015

The Anthology called The Fictional Biography... (part I & II) is available for streaming/purchase here.

Photos: Christina Sunbeam
Headpiece & makeup: Hadas Hinkis.

New label, new booking agency, new 7'' and soon: the new album!

Hullo everyone! We're thrilled to announce that MO+YOUR GOVERNMENT will embark on a short release tour this week of the limited-edition new 7''.

08.07.15 - Berlin - West Germany
09.07.15 - Hamburg - Westwerk
10.07.15 - Cologne - Artheater
11.07.15 - Potsdam - Hans Otto Theater
Tour RSVP.

It is already available for order on YG's bandcamp.

The full length album will be out in late 2015 on the fantastic experimental label Klangbad that houses many of our krautrock heroes.


Videos directed: Susanna Berivan + DUBAIS + film limited streaming


HERE you may find the video for Susanna Berivan's ''The reminder'' and HERE DUBAIS' ''East German sticky''.


My short Dogme95 inspired film ''Pawnshop Santa'' won an award at Berlin's underground film festival Boddinale and it will be available for stremaing online until March 15th. HERE.

Tour planning talk + Ask Helmut


Just returned from Scandinavia and will be planning the next steps in solitude in the upcoming weeks.

Hamburg's music convention Operation Ton invited me to talk about tour planning in November. here's the entire talk (45min)-> HERE

Hovering Sun Tour dates (Asia/OZ/NZ) - April-May


Can't wait to get out there! come say hi if you happen to be in these parts of the world!

Schedule.    Illustration by: Tom Plate.

Bowie cover / Berliner Festspiele


(Dedicated to all of the artists i've met and befriended in Berlin. some of which may have already left) --->


Berlin video exhibition + updates


Auto.diktat - the art collective i'm part of alongside Kamikatse, Kris Kind and Peter Baecker will have its debut exhibition with video pieces at West Germany/Skalitzerstr 133 October 30th-Nov 2nd.
RSVP/more info HERE. come come come!

PhilaMOCA's Mondo Mausoleum Party is now online!! featuring yours truly, Jan Terri and Scott and Gary of the Scott and Gary show! ->
In the autumn of 2008 Davey Portugal and i came up with Fabulous Ludicrousity and recorded an anti-folk influenced album in one day. All tracks except for one in one take/layer.
It was originally posted on Myspace - but i recenly realized it is no longer available there, so now it is on Bandcamp and available for free download. Look out for "Happy shit"

The GENESIS LA charity show was covered by KCRW and The Examiner. Additional guests were Ariel Pink, Moby and Cat Power.

The podcast You, Me, Them, Everybody Live (in Portland) with live songs is online here.

5..4..3..2.. fun! from KCSB w/ Kitchen Hips and I here. KChung Radio's Fallopian Utopia show here (with a really interesting conversation about Berlin VS the US, gentrification and such).

Ode to the west coast +
tour dates


But first : some photos from Your Government's all new show at SO36.

Sep 4.14 - Santa Barbara, CA - 5432...Fun on KCSB-FM 91.9 - 10pm live radio session
Sep 5.14 - LA, CA - GENESIS charity @ Ace Hotel
Sep 6.14 - Long Beach, CA - 4th Street Vine
Sep 8.14 - Phoenix, AZ - Film Bar
Sep 11.14 - Denver, CO - Dryer Plug Studios
Sep 13.14 - Boise, ID - Crazy Horse
Sep 15.14 - Portland, OR - Muu-Muu's (DJ SET)
Sep 16.14 - Portland, OR - Kelly's Olympian
Sep 18.14 - San Francisco, CA - Vacation SF
Sep 19.14 - San Fransisco, CA - Queer Fridays
at El Rio

RSVP/more info.




Hello there! I'm currently in Austria. about to head to Russia for a couple of shows in Moscow and St Petersburg. rah!


You may find photos from the 2 month North American tour HERE to see whom we've met and what we've seen. there's more coming later, but most of the more interesting parts are of course missing.

KDVS and WFMU have been very kind to the album and played songs off it regularly, they even named if "album of the day"' and put it in their top 10.
ooh! and here's the Daytrotter session!




We're finally going for it!
Be part of it, pre-order or get the specials!

But if you can't give, please share! or comment, or tell a friend. It's going to be wiiiild! wheeeeee!

(( LINK ))     MAN VS. AIR VIDEO ------------->

and here's Episode 1 of "BETWEEN TWO DRUMMERS" (feat MF David Deery!)



Here's the tour's schedule.

Song with Steev Lemercier


Steev and i will be performing this little gem tomorrow at Berlin's Südblock! Huge thanks to Jules Etienne for recording it!



EDEN is out on cassette on Related Records - international shipping will be only 9$ in March , then 12$. Get it HERE.

The CD edition is out March 4 on Hairy Spider Legs. Get it HERE.

"Into The Night" with Sasha Grey on ARTE airs Dec 7. 23:50



first look.

ARTE show streaming + FRESHMILK.TV interview


Watch the show on ARTE here.


And interview here.

Last EDEN video 



Here's Thunderbird/Eden (part I), shot in 16mm by mystery Irish film artist.

ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR aka Autist remixes "Baby Indiana"


You can listen to the marvel HERE!!

++ Tour with THE GREAT HANS UNSTERN SWINDLE starts thursday. RSVP!


"I, human"- Now on I-Tunes



HERE rah rah rah!










photo by: Yehuda Swed.
headpiece by: Hadas Hinkis.





Recorded a new song for the up-and-coming project Wholeworldband. it will be online in a couple of months, hopefully :)


Photo: Kathrin Baumbach.

Interview Magazine's Superstar feature!


Thank you so much to the German Interview magazine for this month Superstar feature!



Thanks to Spex for announcing the new release yesterday! Stream it HERE. it's out October 4th
and includes the verson with Snax, as well as Mirror Talk, a duet version with Dievondavon, Hans Nieswand, Lala By and Gal Lev.

Huge thanks to Moshe Rosenthal - the director, the cast, the crew and my dad (man in the rocking chair) As well as to Hadas Hinkis and Yehuda Swed for the awesome cover photo and headpiece!


New EDEN advert!









The dates for the November German/Austrian shows were just announced yesterday:

14.11.13 AT-Wien, Fluc  
15.11.13 AT-Salzburg, Open Mind Festival (ARGEkultur)
16.11.13 München, Milla
18.11.13 Reutlingen, Franz.K  
19.11.13 Wetzlar, Franzis  
20.11.13 Frankfurt, Orange Peel  
21.11.13 Münster, Amp  
22.11.13 Saarbrücken, Sparte 4  
23.11.13 Mühlheim, Ringlokschuppen
24.11.13 Bremen, Schwankhalle  
27.11.13 Hamburg, Uebel & Gefährlich
28.11.13 Berlin, Berghain Kantine


Preparation for the next releases' shoot

With Hadas Hinkis.





Introducing: "The road" - A NEW EDEN MUSIC VIDEO



By Hypertrashwonderland, aka Marcus Grysczok! RAH!
























How's your Dutch?



Fun little interview.

and in the same magazine - a counter-fun review of how much they hated our show.