making of the west AGAINST THE PEOPLE :

Mary Ocher - My Executioner (feat. Your Government)

Direction and Camera: Ilsa Hellman
Script: Mercedes Povedano Martín and Mary Ocher
Coordination: Florian Schmitt
Editing and post: Alberto Franco
With much gratitude to Exberliner.


With: Theo Taylor
Mats Folkesson
Eva Jost
Mary Ocher
Tom Plate
Ian Clotworthy
and Leon Wan


Mary Ocher - Washed Upon Your Shores

The screen is divided into the world of EU nationals (left)

and non-EU, unwanted nationals (right) while traveling in

and to Europe.

Read the stories of immigration by sea and land collected

for the video HERE.










Mary Ocher - The Irrevocable Temple of Knowledge


















Mary Ocher - To The Light (feat. Your Government)

Directed by: Robin Lochmann
Produced by: Orange 'Ear 
Headpiece by Maria Hartl/Britschula 


Alexander Norton
Berenice Prendiville
Caroline Lutt
Tom Plate
Mats Folkesson
Theo Taylor
Lara Mc Manus
Liam Bryce
Isla and Evan Eagleton
and the people of the town.

Shot on location in Ireland and East Germany.
Thank you to everyone involved! and especially to Krümel.


Mary Ocher - To The Light (piano)

Filmed by Orange 'ear and Francesco Scarpa.

Special thanks to the Villa Neukölln.










Mary Ocher - The Endlessness (Song for Young Xenophobes)

















Mary Ocher - Arms


Video by Mary Ocher / Camera by Yoav Tal and Tomster.


Images of guns appear in Israeli society everywhere,
all the time, they are as visible on the street as mothers with
baby-strollers and advertisements, and as such, they become
invisible. Their prevalence makes you numb, as much as to
the weapons themselves as to uniforms. It is only outside of
that realm that you realize how discomforting such reality is,
the guns are a reminder of the constant presence of violence.

In a militarist society, guns are associated with vitality,
sexuality, strength, one's ability to defend oneself, as much as
to assert their dominance over another. The hinted violence is
glorified and the myth of the soldier is taught to young children
in elementary schools.

A soldier depraved of a gun is a sissy. It is interesting to see
how the phallic concept extends to female combatants, where
the gun assumes a new role; a tool for emasculation?

Predominantly in the hands of 18-20 year-olds, as well as security staff and guards. They are everywhere whether you care to stop and notice or not.



Mary Ocher and Felix Kubin - Wulkania






camera & light: AXEL SCHÄFFLER;

hair & make up: YASMIN IQBAL;


art director, editor, director; producer: Mariola Brillowska